Basic Multiplication Practice Test 1

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This Basic Multiplication Practice Test is great for 3rd grade classrooms using California Go Math! as their math curriculum. Multi-step multiplication problems, data tables, and visuals in the test help your students practice critical thinking and problem solving to find the product.

This resource contains 2-3 digit multiplication problems in these formats:

2 multiple choice     5 fill in the blank     4 true-false     2 short answer     6 word problems

Refer to: California Go Math! 3rd Grade Textbook (Chapter 5)

Streamlined questions to target each lesson in the California Go Math! chapter helps you and the student review multiplication without being bombarded with too many questions!

Adapted version available for students who may need less questions, highlighted keywords, and enlarged font.

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There are two practice versions, you can use them for classwork or homework!
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Aligned with California Go Math! 3rd Grade Textbook Chapter 5
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