Adapted Engage NY – Grade 4 Module 1

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Are you including or integrating a student into a 4th grade general education class? Is the class using Engage NY as their mathematics curriculum? Then look no further! This product has been adapted to help students with moderate to severe disabilities access the curriculum at a comprehensible level! All the hard work has been done for you! Just hit print and you are ready to go!

Here is what you get with this packet :

1.) “How to use this resource packet” guide

2.) Lesson standard alignment to modified essential skill objective chart for each of the 19 lessons

3.) “Essential skills related to math” guide

4.) Rounding chart (feel free to place this chart in a page protector to reuse)

5.) Problem set, exit ticket, and homework for each of the 19 lessons within this packet (69 pages of worksheets)

6.) Mid-Module and End-of-Module Assessment

7.) Answer Key for all the lessons and assessments

You get a whole unit ready to use, saving you valuable time to focus on other essential things!

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Common Core Standards:

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Teaching Tips
Level A focuses on numbers 1-99
Leve B focuses on numbers 1-10
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